Many of our patients and others who call to schedule new patient appointments have questions about insurance coverage. It is a benefit that many of employers offer as a part of their wellness plans. We participate with some insurance companies and are in the process of applying for others which we hope will encourage folks to contact our office.

Even if your plan is not one with which we participate, we make sure to let you know what benefits you have and how to best use them.

It is important to understand that dental insurance is unlike medical insurance. There is a yearly limit to the amount available, and that amount is determined by the company offering the plan. Your benefit plan is meant to be a partial reimbursement for basic care, although it also helps with other necessary treatment. Because our office wants to offer the best care available, we plan treatment based on dental needs, however we always work to obtain your maximum coverage under your policy.

We make every effort to keep you informed with the fees for your treatment, the benefits available for coverage and the out of pocket costs. It is our desire that finances not be a reason to prevent you from having a quality dental experience.

Gail C. Payne

Financial Coordinator

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