Dr. Willhide and the Heritage Family – July 17, 2017

One of the wonderful perks of being a dentist is the relationship we establish with our patients. In April 2018, I will have been in practice in Fredericksburg for 50 years. One of the exciting things we are doing at Heritage Dental as we bring Dr. Kristen Edwards on as an associate is to reach back into our history and identify those patients who have been in the practice for decades.

Over that time these patients have brought their lives into mine. We have shared joys and sorrows with them, heard their laughter and the milestones in their lives. Their lives have become part of the fabric of my life and have enriched my life greatly.

I am very grateful for all of you, patients old and new, who have given me the privilege of serving you and being your doctor and friend. These relationships will go on for many years to come as I continue to practice with Dr. Edwards.

If any of you have any memories or experiences that bring a smile to your face and that you would like to share please submit them to [email protected], our Marketing and Social Media Director. Thank you.