Hi This is Doctor Willhide. Along with my team at Heritage Dental, I would like to announce that spring has indeed sprung! Along with sunshine and flowers blossoming outdoors, we have wonderful blossoming news about our practice. 

And in the spirit of spring, we are also introducing many new wonderful service innovations!

1- We are very excited to be utilizing – the Cerec. Cerec gives us the capability of producing quality crowns in our office delivered the same day. This is state of the art technology which means that no second visit is necessary (saving you precious time), with no need for a temporary crown which also means less discomfort.

2- We will also soon be using laser technology in our practice for the treatment of periodontal disease. This will mean improved treatment for gum disease, also with less pain and better outcomes.

3- As many of you know I fabricate oral appliances for treatment of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. I am honored that I have been selected by the Veteran’s Administration as one of the dentists in our commonwealth to treat veterans for this very dangerous disease. Over forty million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. As a Veteran I am very excited to treat these former comrades in arms.

And finally, In order to keep and improve the quality of our personal service to our patients at its best we will travel to Sarasota, Florida in two weeks, stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and study with their staff. The Ritz Hotel chain is known for their high quality of services provided to their guests. We believe that learning from the best will give us exciting ideas about translating their superb service into skills that will serve our patients better.

As you can see we are excited and hard at work improving our care and service for you, part of our family of well-loved patients. Thank you for your continued patronage. We can’t wait to hear from you if our newest additions have exceeded your expectations and look forward to your feedback. Our greatest reward comes from your value and commitment to ideal oral health and your enthusiastic referral of friends, colleagues and family to our practice! Here’s to a healthy happy spring, summer and fall of 2017!